Pottery and Religious Ceremonies

 Pottery and Religious Ceremonies

According to the wikipedia page, pottery is made by shaping clay into an object. Pottery is different from pottery as in the Big Indonesian Dictionary (KBBI). It is said that pottery is an item of clay that is burned and coated with a gloss (gloss). The main function of pottery is as an accessory or room decoration because it has a high aesthetic value. Unlike pottery, pottery is only used to meet equipment needs. So, pottery and earthenware only have a difference in their function. Both are the same in raw material.

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Pottery is found in many archaeological sites throughout Indonesia. Soesandireja in a Wacana published in 2009 said that in conducting excavations, archaeologists often found shards of objects made of clay or pottery (kereweng). Archaeologists use the layer of soil in which the pottery shards were found to identify where and at which time the pottery was made.


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